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Support Ticket System Release / Sortie du système de billet
Posted by Gabriel Bazan on 07 March 2017 03:13 PM

We are very excited to announce the release of School-Day’s new and improved ticket system!


Effective Wednesday, March 8th, Board Administrators, School Administrators, Teachers and Parents logged into School-Day can submit a ticket using our new form, interact with a Support Team representative by email and track tickets. To learn more about this new feature, please review the information sheet which can be found on our knowledge base at the link below.


We’re here to help!


Our Support Team is here to assist you! If you have questions about how to use our System or you encounter a technical problem, please contact us for assistance.


  1. Call our Support Desk at 1.855.253.1731 for 24/7 bilingual assistance
  2. Submit a ticket using School-Day’s new integrated web form
  3. Email us at
  4. Watch our English or French topical videos on YouTube
  5. Find answers in our Knowledgebase


Please note: online chat is no longer an available option.


Thank you for using School-Day!



Nous sommes très excités d’annoncer la sortie du nouveau système de billet de School-Day!


Dès le mercredi, 8 mars, les administrateurs du conseil, les administrateurs d’école, les enseignants et les parents connectés à School-Day peuvent soumettre un billet en utilisant notre nouveau formulaire, interagir avec un représentant de l’équipe de soutien par courriel, ainsi que traquer les billets. Pour en savoir plus au sujet de cette nouvelle fonctionnalité, s’il vous plaît réviser la feuille d’information qui peut être retrouver sur le lien de base de connaissances situé au-dessous.


Nous sommes ici pour aider!


Notre équipe de soutien est ici pour vous assister! Si vous avez des questions au sujet de comment utiliser notre système ou vous rencontrez un problème technique, s’il vous plaît veuillez nous contacter pour de l’assistance.


  1. Appeler notre bureau de soutien au 1.855.253.1731 pour le service bilingue 24/7
  2. Soumettre un billet en utilisant le nouveau formulaire intégré web de School-Day
  3. Envoyez nous un courriel à
  4. Regarder nos vidéos topiques sur YouTube, en anglais ou en français
  5. Retrouver des réponses dans notre Base de connaissances


S’il vous plaît noter: la conversation en ligne n’est plus une option disponible.


Merci d’avoir utiliser School-Day!

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Welcome Back!
Posted by Helene Reinders on 06 September 2016 02:49 PM

School-Day would like to wish all of our schools, teachers, students and parents a happy first day of class!


We're excited to share another school year with you all, and just want to remind you that if you need help you can all us toll-free at any time at 1.855.253.1731

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School-Day 2.0
Posted by Helene Reinders on 29 August 2016 04:55 PM

We are pleased to announce the release of School-Day 2.0, effective Thursday, August 25th. Our new System has been redesigned to create a better user experience for Districts, Administrators, Teachers and Parents.


As well as having a brand new look, navigating our System has just become a whole lot easier. With the new Dashboard, all users can access the tools they need in one location to effectively and efficiently manage their daily administrative and financial tasks. Our team has worked hard over the summer months to provide you with a dynamic and responsive System and we know you’re going to love it!


For your convenience, user guides have been updated and training videos created. Links to these resources will be available within the next few days. To learn more about School-Day 2.0 and exciting features to come, please watch our video at:


If you should require assistance, our support desk will be available at 1.855.253.1731 for your continued support. Ticket, chat and email support is also available at:


Thank you for using School-Day!

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Have a Great Summer!
Posted by Helene Reinders on 30 June 2016 10:08 AM

We would like to extend our appreciation and thanks to everyone for using School-Day throughout the year! It has been our pleasure to work with each of you and provide our services.


Please note that the School-Day system will be placed in Read-Only Mode,  while our internal system development occurs over the summer. Most users will be able to view any past information, but will not be able to perform new actions. Updated school and student information will occur in September. If you have questions about the upcoming year, you can contact your school directly.


If you should require technical assistance with School-Day throughout the summer months, phone support will be available at 1.855.253.1731 at any time. Ticket, chat, and email support is also available. 


Please note: the School-Day offices will be closed July 1 – July 8 inclusively, with only phone support available.


We wish everyone a safe and happy summer!

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2016-2017 Peel International Languages Registration
Posted by Gabriel Bazan on 09 June 2016 03:06 PM

School-Day is pleased to announce that Registration for 2016-2017 Peel International Languages classes is now open. Registration will be open until May 19, 2017 for elementary students, and October 1, 2016 for secondary students. Registration can only be completed online.


During this Registration period, you will be able to Register your child for 2016-2017 International Languages classes.


Users do not link/add a Student in School-Day through the Add a Student link, Electronic Authentication or Secure-Match key). You will therefore not require a Secure-Match Key or be able to add your student via electronic authentication


Before submitting your application for 2016-2017 International Languages classes, please be advised that class fees are $20.00 per class, and online payment via School-Day is mandatory at the time of submitting your application. An application will not be processed by Peel unless the class fee has been paid. If your application is not accepted, you will be refunded your class fee minus a $5.00 fee by Peel. For this reason, you should only submit one application per student. If you submit multiple applications for a student, you will be required to make a payment each time, with a non-refundable fee. Please take this under consideration before making your application, and ensure that you are applying for the correct class at the correct school before moving ahead with the process below.

The first step is to go to this link on the Peel International Languages page:


Click on the Register button, and then select the Language, Grade, and School you would like your child to attend. If a specific school you would like to register your child into is not available in the School dropdown menu, this means that the course you are looking for is not offered at that location. It could also mean that you are looking for a school you are trying to register into is a satellite site, and therefore you may have to select another site for enrolment. For a complete list of locations and courses, please go to:


A School-Day account is required to proceed with Registration and you will be presented with the options of either creating your School-Day account at this time, or logging into your current account if you have one. If you already have one, look for the yellow bar at the top of the screen, and click on Click Here to Sign In. Please make sure that you are entering in your information and your email address during the account creation process, and not that of your child. Use an email address you check regularly as you will receive future notifications from Peel to this email address. Be sure to remember your password for future use.


Once you have either created an account, or logged into your existing account, you will see a registration box at the top of the screen for the class you have selected. You will then have to either select a student already attached to your account, or create a new student. To create a new student, select the New Student option from the drop down menu in the registration box, and then click on Register. You will then be required to enter in their First and Last Name exactly as it appears on their report card, birth certificate or passport. Once you have entered in their name, click on Continue.


Next, fill in all fields including Student information, Guardian, and Emergency Contact Information, and any medical conditions for your child you feel Peel should be aware of if applicable. If your child is currently enrolled in the Peel International Languages Program, you will select that they are a Peel Student and enter in their Peel Student Number. If they are enrolling for the first time and do not regularly attend a Peel school, you will select Non-Peel Student, and enter in their OEN number which can be found at the top of any report card. If your child will be enrolling into Kindergarten and they do not have a Student Number, select Non-Peel Student and click on the box by Kindergarten Application. Please note that Student and OEN numbers are not available from School-Day. If you need help obtaining this information, please contact your school office.


You can save your form in progress at any time by clicking on the Save button at the bottom of the registration form. You will be able to access the saved form in progress by clicking on the Registration Box at the top of the screen for the form in progress. Once you have filled in all of these fields, click on the Submit button at the bottom of the registration form. Please note that all mandatory data fields must be populated before you can proceed, and are marked with a red asterisk


Once you have submitted your form, you will need to make your $20.00 online payment for the class. Please note that applications will not be reviewed by Peel prior to payment being made. To complete your application, you must make your payment online. If your application is not accepted, you will be refunded your class fee minus a $5.00 fee. To make your payment, click on the Pay Now button. On the next screen click on Checkout. You may be redirected at this time to complete your account profile if you have not already done so. If you are redirected, fill in all mandatory fields and include at least one contact phone number, then click on Update on the bottom left hand side of the screen. You will be redirected to your Cart, where you can now click on Checkout once again.


On the next screen, enter in all credit or debit card information to process your payment. Once your payment has been received, your application will be pending approval. You will be notified via email when your application has been reviewed and approved, or not approved, by the Peel Administrator. Formation of classes is an ongoing process from September to March and only when there is space for your child(ren) will the registration(s) be confirmed.


Do not contact School-Day regarding the status of your application or refund.  Only the Peel Administrator can provide you with this information, or provide you with a refund where applicable. For Peel School contact information, please visit the link below to find your school, or contact the Continuing Education head office at

If you need would like to submit an application to another class for another student, you may do so with any existing account by following these same steps. You do not need to create a separate account for multiple applications.


Do not delete your School-Day account once you have submitted an application. Doing so will disconnect your attachment to all submitted applications for the students you are trying to register. Accounts cannot be reinstated once they have been deleted.

A detailed user guide can be found in our Knowdgebase at the link below.


Best regards,


Your School-Day Support Team

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